Ultraprop II 3-Blade Propeller

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This is an optional propeller and upgrade for our Six Chuter P3 Lite model, and if ordered standard, a 3 blade 64" propeller that is suitable for installation on our tandem models using the Rotax 582 engine.  Call us at 435 619-0266 or email us at info@sixchuter.com if you want to order this prop for an installation, other than Rotax 582.

Ultra-Prop II Propellers

The Ultra-Prop II uses the same patented blade, hub and pitch block system as the original Ultra-Prop, which has been in continuous production since 1983. It will remain in production and sold here.

The new key components of the Ultra-Prop II are the carbon reinforced blade, the pitch blocks and the special blade clamping bolts. The Ultra-Prop II is 60-66 inches in diameter in the 2, 3 and 4-blade hub; The blades may be cut to any lesser diameter without need for any special tip finishing or re-balancing. Just measure twice, cut once per blade. We do this for you if you order a smaller diameter propeller.

The new blade is a stiff solid composite (no foam core, etc.), has a conventional plan form with the appropriate blade twist (helix) and has a highly efficient airfoil. The carbon reinforced engineering thermoplastic blade surface is very hard and durable to withstand abrasion and water impact much better than other blades made or coated with epoxy or other similar 2-part resins. The operating temperature range is - 60 degrees F to +350 degrees F.

Blade pitch range is 8 to 18 degrees, adjusted in one degree increments by changing pitch block sets. No protractor required! The new engineering structural thermoplastic used is long carbon fiber strand reinforced for high strength, stiffness and low weight. The blades and hub are weather resistant, UV protected and suitable for use on the water and in rain for airboat, hovercraft and Sport or Experimental aircraft such as ultralights, large drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAV ) home-built and kit planes. Light Sport (LSA) approval coming soon!

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