Ultraprop I 3 Blade Propeller

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8.00 LBS
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This is the standard 3 Blade 59" propeller that we use on our Six Chuter P3 Lite Model.

The Ultra-Prop Propellers and propeller components we feature are manufactured for easy assembly and long life. Choose from  3, 4,  blade propellers and select the ideal pitch and optimum diameter to suit your craft (up to 59" on 2, 3, and 4 blade propellers,  You will hear and feel the remarkable difference an Ultra-Prop makes on your first flight.


    • Lowest cost adjustable pitch prop in the world - 33 years in production - over 17,000 sold - satisfaction guaranteed!
    • Unique pitch block system holds blades at exact angle -- no protractor required.

All Ultra-Prop blades are identical and interchangeable -- featuring perfect balance and exceptionally smooth performance with tough, glass reinforced nylon material making them ideal for water or rough field operation