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Power Wing MK IV

The Powerwing MK IV, representing a third generation in rectangular wing design (from Apco).  It is a logical evolution of the previous MK II design which was well accepted by PPC pilots. MK IV  has even better handling and stability with a  more coordinated turn and improved rigidity in the air, making flying more comfortable and reasuring. The wing still has the classic rectangular  look and retains all the parameters and features of previous Apco powerwings.
Every pilot stepping aboard will immediately feel at home, having the extra reasuring feeling of MK IV.
Apco's Powerwings are the only PPC wings available on the market today wich is approved by world  aviation standards. Apco's Powerwing was tested by ACPULS (AFNOR) in France, and passed both the  shock and static strenght load tests!


The Apco Powerwing is the only PPC wing available on the market today wich is approved  by world aviation standards.
Apco's Powerwing was tested by ACPULS (AFNOR) in France, and passed both the shock and static strenght load tests!


  400 500 550
Product Codes 70820 70830 70810
Cells 25 26 28
Area [m2] 36.1 43.1 46.5
Area (projected) [m2] 31.1 36.6 39.9
Span [m] 10.50 10.92 11.76
Span (projected) [m] 9.10 9.26 10.10
Aspect Ratio 3.05 2.79 2.79
Aspect Ratio (projected) 2.64 2.34 2.56
Min. Gross Weight* [kg] 180 250 275
Opt. Gross Weight* [kg] 208 320 345
Max. Gross Weight* [kg] 230 375 400
Total Lift Capacity [lbs] 750 1000 1100
Load Test: Max Load# [lbs] 5500 5500 5500
Canopy Weight [kg] 8 10 11
Root Chord [m] 3.44 3.95 3.95



The bridge to the future


Certification: DGAC


Re-designed from the ground up, this conservative tapered planform wing, the Cruiser – combines the advantages of both worlds, offering the perfect blend of enhanced performance, speed and handling, with ease of use, extreme safety and user friendly nature of our well known veteran PW and Hybrid. It is an easy wing to fly, suitable for students as well as experienced pilots, with significantly faster trim speed and superior glide (L/D) A number of pre-production wings have been tested by a selected group of APCO dealers and their students. The feedback is exciting. The wing, its performance, safety and pilot friendly nature on the ground and in the air received high praise.


  • Reinforced heavy-duty design for extended life span and heavier loads
  • Advanced conceptual philosophy
  • All metal parts: Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • APCO legendary standard double coated siliconised cloth – built to last
  • Heavy-duty Superaramide® lines
  • innovative tapered planform
  • Flexon® battens system for ultimate durability and spotless launch- pioneered by APCO
  • BT2 – The Cruiser was updated in Jan 2019 with BT2 (Butt Holes 2) for auto clearing of debris accumulating inside the wing
Cruiser Planform