Powerfin Three Blade Propellers

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The new & innovative Apex series, fully ground adjustable Hubs are the finest crafted Hubs available to the Ultralight and LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) markets. Made in-house on our new Haas VF4 & VF2 CNC vertical milling station, these Hubs offer features that are unavailable on other hubs. By nature of the fact that we own the machine, we can take the time to pack features into our Hubs that we couldn’t afford to buy from an outside vendor. They are highly sculpted solid 6061-T6 aluminum and are made to the finest CNC machining tolerances in the industry. In fact, we specifically designed the machining process to insure a perfectly balanced Propeller Hub. The Hubs can be anodized to a luxurious Gold or Black finish that you will be proud to display. It takes longer to make Apex Hubs, it’s true, but currently no other hub rises to our Hub's quality - hence, we believe that the extra American craftsmanship is well worth it!                   

The multi-blade configurations (2, 3, 4 & 5 blade options) offered with our Apex Hubs allow us to take advantage of the large reduction ratios offered by Rotax and Hirth in their gearboxes. Also, more horsepower can be loaded into more blades so this may be a solution to some applications that have limited room to turn a propeller.

The 'C' model is designed specifically for powered parachutes as a three blade 64" on a Rotax 582/2.58. This design works well on Rotax 447's through Rotax 618 as well as the Hirth engines that fall between 40 and 80 horsepower. This has been the propeller being sold as standard equipment on 6 of the top 7 PPC's.
Diameter Range: Minimum: 48" <> Maximum 65" Speed Range: upto 31-knots / 35-mph