MGL xtreme EIS

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This is a high end installation for Legend or Paragons with either Rotax 582 or 912 engines.  Additional items such as harness and probes are required to complete the installation. When you place your order, followup with us at 509 884 8084 to get complete quote for entire package.

What is it?
The XTreme EMS is a full-featured , full color Engine Monitoring System for just about any engine.

Using an MGL Avionics RDAC for engine sender connection in the engine compartment, all sensor data is sent through the firewall through a single serial cable, making installation clean and easy.

4 and 6 cylinder engines are fully supported, with up to 12 total channels of CHT or EGT available in any combination.

2 fuel level inputs are available and fuel flow is supported.

Battery voltage is standard and current monitoring is an available option.

An easy-to-read display with alarms on every channel make an engine instrument scan a 1-second affair!

Note: You can share the RDAC engine data between several XTreme EMS units or a mixture of XTreme EFIS units and XTreme EMS units. You can use the XTreme EMS as a 2nd engine display when using the XTreme EFIS for Primary Flight.


Sample panel on Paragon