Sport Pilot Log Book

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For Sport Pilots and Sport Pilot Instructors. Meets recordkeeping requirements and provides a system to make the decision "whether to fly."

The Sport Pilot Logbook produced by Sport Pilot expert Paul Hamilton, and published by ASA is designed specifically for all Sport Pilots who fly ultralights and light-sport aircraft, including powered parachutes, trikes (weight-shift control), and fixed wing (three-axis control) aircraft. The simple layout and design provides room for pilots to document preparations, flight conditions, and flight analysis. It meets all recordkeeping requirements, and is effective for both sport pilots and instructors.

Using this logbook, pilots are encouraged to weigh capabilities and aircraft limitations against weather in the ultimate decision of “whether to fly.” This logbook will help you learn to forecast and interpret weather information accurately from the notes you record in it – tracking your flight history and educating yourself for future flights by having a handy reference to past conditions and the quality of the flight experienced. Without adding work on top of normal recordkeeping, these logbook notes help you develop a clear mental picture of the conditions affecting flight and help you see trends you might not otherwise see without the documentation – so you "get smarter each time they fly."

Beautiful 4-color soft cover with spiral binding, 7 1/4” x 5 1/4”, 98 pages.

The logbook methodology follows the "Weather to Fly" system outlined in the DVD, Weather to Fly For Sport Pilots with Paul Hamilton.