Muffler Toucan System 912 Engine

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This is our standard muffler installation for our Paragon 912 units

Downwind has been supplying exhaust systems for the Six Chuter and Verner line of aircraft engines for quite some time now and moved into the Rotax line at the request of a light sport aircraft manufacturer that was having problems getting delivery of exhaust systems for their craft.

The Toucan Exhaust has a number of advantages over the standard 4 into 1 exhaust system supplied by Rotax. It does not use springs to hold the exhaust pipes to the exhaust canister and the customer is not required to do any welding or fabricating.

The stainless steel exhaust system is repositionable, meaning that it can be rotated to fit under the engine, above it, or even along side of it.  The system uses a unique inner and outer sleeve pipe to muffler attachment mechanism which is locked into place with a couple of stainless steel rivets.

The exhaust uses a bi directional baffling system which has been designed to provide the amount of back pressure required by Rotax for the 912 series of aircraft engines. Currently the system are standard equipment on the Just Aircraft Highlander and Escapade series of light sport aircraft.

The Toucan dual exhaust system has also been installed on the Six Chuter, Skyranger, Genesis, Rans, Kolb, and Kitfox.

Note: installation requires set of four sockets and flanges.  If you have those available and will ship them to manufacturer there is no additional cost.  If you don't have them, then the additional cost is $300

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