Monster Shock

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Upgraded Shock System replaces standard Spring Shock suspension system on Six Chuter Models (Set of Two Shocks)

Now Standard on our Paragon Model and available for all other Six Chuter models.


Nitrogen charged air strut assembly. Light weight but not light on performance. Our custom valved air struts are designed for Six Chuter PPC's but may fit many other manufactures and models.

This package includes 2 main gear shock assemblies.

If you'd like to eliminate the danger of slack lines from a hard landing with a bounce, these shocks are for you! Increase your margin of safety by upgrading your suspension with a pair of Shock Monster 2.0 shocks.

Improved performance in rough terrain as well is less stress on your body and aircraft from a hard landing during a gust or changing wind. Make safer landings every time when the shock absorbs the vertical energy and keeps you on the ground.

Available for these models:

P-3 Lite



Skyeryder II AB

Can also customize length to fit older model Six Chuters (SR1, SR2, SR5, SR7, Spirit and Prowler). (Enter model type and measurements when ordering)

If you have a PPC that uses a similar suspension system and you'd like to see how Shock Monster can help your landings, call or email us for more information.

4.50 inches of travel. Special shaft and piston design allows for the best compression ratio and most radical valving anyone has seen in aviation.

The top mounting bolt spacing is typically 1.50" from inside of brace too inside of bracket. The lower is typically 1.75". We prefer to use an AN6 (.375") bolt when upgrading to the Shock Monster shocks. This is the correct size bolt for the vertical energy these shocks can take.

Just before shipping we will ask to confirm the bolt to bolt length your Six Chuter requires. The measurement we want is a static resting length with the tires square to the ground (no camber of the tires). To get this measurement you may need to ask a friend to sit in the seat or add some weight until the tires are square.

We're offering you a product with limitless adjustments. Each pilot may like a setting slightly different from each other. You won't know exactly what you like the most until you've tried we'll send you something in the middle. One you have the length we'll be sure to make as many of the tuning adjustments before shipping to minimize your work in installation.

Extension tubes can be custom designed allowing fitment to most any airframe. These shocks are aircraft aluminum with ever bit of weight savings and strength designed right in. insanely light weight and no coil springs required.

High strength Aircraft grade aluminum components.
9 hole completely revalveable piston design.
Chromoly rod end bearings.
Dual seals and dual o-ring used to ensure proper sealing and long life.


Call Tom Connelly at Six Chuter 509 884 8084 for additional information or email us at