MGL E1 Engine Monitor

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We use the E1 and the MGL Alt1 as a standard panel for our Legends or Paragons, with either Rotax 582 or Rotax 912 engines.  Call us for information and details on installing on your Six Chuter.


E1  Universal Engine Monitor  [back to top]
E1 Engine Monitoring System
The E1 universal engine monitor combines in one compact 3 1/8” format instrument all that is needed to monitor most smaller aircraft engines from two-stroke ultralight engines to medium sized four strokes such as from Rotax, Continental and Lycoming. Most automotive engine conversions can benefit from the use of the E3 engine monitor.
The E1 can measure up to 4 total EGT/CHT channels, a universal RPM input, a universal temperature sender input, a universal pressure sender input and the aircraft’s supply voltage.

  • 66 different engine setup configurations possible
  • Universal, programmable rev counter (engine RPM) with digital and analog readout, with a programmable high alarm limit
  • Programmable engine Hobbs meter (password protected) and running timer (flight timer) with automatic flight log
  • Can monitor up to four total programmable thermocouple channels for EGT and CHT probes with a user programmable high alarm limit
  • A universal temperature sender input with a user programmable low and high alarm limits
  • A universal pressure sender input with a user programmable low and high alarm limits
  • Supply voltage measurement up to 30V with a user programmable low and high alarm limits
  • Maximum recorded values for all measured values are stored in non-volatile memory
  • High accuracy: Built in thermocouple linearization curves and cold junction compensation
  • Thermocouple temperature probes can be common K, J or E-type thermocouple probes
  • Uses standard automotive temperature and pressure senders
  • Special Rotax 912/914 engine monitor mode utilizing the standard built in Rotax NTC CHT probes
  • Supports the new Rotax 912/914 4-20mA oil pressure sender