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Six Chuter Engines

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Check out our new standard engine installation packages SHOP ENGINES

We have added our standard engine packages to store.  Note that purchasing on line is to reserve engine and pay a $500 deposit.  We will follow up with you to insure that we get your specifications correct and then arrange for full payments and shipping, off line.

More Cool Updates to our Store

We continue to "beef up" our on line store with what we offer.  Check out updated HELMETS, INSTRUMENTS, & ELECTRONICSThis update includes additional avionics and lighting options, as well as our collection of fiberglass instrument pods

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Updated Shop for Propellers

Our Shop Propellers has been overhauled with additions of all the latest propeller options that we offer.  These include the new Ultraprop II.Propeller options can be confusing so please call us at 509 884 8084 or email us at sixchuterinfo@comcast.net with questions.

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Six Chuter adds ASAP Canopies

We have added the ASAP line of canopies to our store.  Check them out at http://sixchuter.mybigcommerce.com/shop-asap-canopies/The Maverick series has been tested on all our models.  The Thunderbolt series are pending testing but currently available

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Six Chuter Legend XLss Special Light Sport for Sale

Check out the latest listing in our powered parachute classifieds SLSA 2015-02 This is a new Legend XLss set up for dual flight instruction. It has just about every option you can put on a powered parachute including equipment to make it night legal

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Six Chuter Kits

Check out the new section of the Six Chuter store designed for Kit Buildershttp://sixchuter.mybigcommerce.com/kit-builder-and... This section has all of the hardware and kit components to build the Skyeryder II tandem, as well as parts to repair or assist with building of Legend, Paragon or P3 lite kitsIf you don't see exactly what you need, just call [...]

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Updated Powered Parachute Classifieds

Check out the latest inventory of new and pre owned powered parachutes at our Six Chuter store. We only sell pre owned aircraft when we can verify the legal status and the maintenance history.

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Check out Free Six Chuter Manuals

Check out the "Manuals" category.  We have provided numerous owner manuals at no cost.  Or you can order a CD with a full set of owner manuals customized for your aircraft.  And we offer a full set of manuals, printed and bound. http://sixchuter.mybigcommerce.com/six-chuter-approved-manuals/

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Contact Six Chuter International LLC

Call Toll Free 888 727-1998 www.sixchuter.com sixchuterinfo@comcast.net

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